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Reverse Charge Callers

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

What happens when a band calls themselves the Reverse Charge Callers?

What happens when a band calls themselves the Reverse Charge Callers? Well, you answer the call and try to find out a little bit about them. Jules Berry invited me along to Sala BarCo on Calle de Barco to check out the band and their first public performance and I wasn't disappointed that I went.

Before you pick up the phone and accept the charges, The Reverse Charge Callers aren't gigging full time and you might have to wait a while for their next appearance but don't hang up just yet as they are worth holding on for.

Jules, originally from Cambridge near London has written some of the songs on their playlist and the rest of their songs consist of covers at the moment but judging from the reaction of the crowd, nobody minded the mix of new and known songs.

The trio consists of Julian, Celia and Adrian and all three of them are all songwriters. Julian met Celia who he knew was a singer and she introduced him to Adrian when he asked her if she knew a drummer. The trio started practicing and rehearsing together and the Sala BarCo event was the successful compilation of months of rehearsals.

If you want to hear more about them then put down the gramophone and pick up your smartphone because the best way to follow the band is on Instagram where you will find them @thereversechargecallers where they will be posting demos and details of future gigs.

Leave a message at the tone, I'm sure you can leave your requests on their answering machine.

Taken from their Instagram account @reversechargecallers

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