• Morgan Fagg

Regaling In Bloom

(Bloomsday Society in Madrid)

Tearing away at the layers of Joyce

My friends and I gather each month

Verses and songs,

the music goes on

Bill Dixon even brings

his accordion along

Unwrapping this gift

of history and his stories

Edwardian Dublin comes alive

As we remember the day

that Molly Bloom

met the artist as a young man

With a founder whose name

translates as I sing

I bring my camera

as we all sing from

the same hymn sheet

Though I don’t always

understand him

Thank you Sara and Bill,

thanks to Chris and John

for the music you bring along

Mil gracias Elena y Pilar

Damian and Ophelia,

Maria and Malachy

For the presence you bring

Regaling in Bloom

Unwrapping this gift

which gives me a lift

Morgan Fagg en Madrid

31st of December 2019

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