• Morgan Fagg

Nobody wants to see this Puny Prime Minister angry

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

E.U. members will be busy installing Geiger counters ahead of any more talks with Boris Johnson as the “Puny” human sounds like he is going to expose himself to gamma radiation in an effort to defeat Europe once and for all.

The “Puny” Prime Minister clearly sees himself as some kind of superhero ready to avenge Europe for their horrible treatment of England and he made the unusual comment

that like the Incredible Hulk, the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets.

Thor was once a deity to some Europeans but Boris Johnson is looking a little green around the gills as he goes head to head with his European nemesis, and it is clear that Johnson’s alter ego is not a smart scientist like Dr Bruce Banner even though Johnson's adversary Angela Merkel was actually a top scientist before transforming into a politician when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. Naturally the wall would have come down much sooner if a German hulk existed.

Even if Boris Johnson bulked up on steroids and started to climb Big Ben beating his chest, Europe will not know how to react to a puny Prime Minister that they are half-expecting to show up for important meetings in his Spider-man pyjamas.

It looks like it is time for Europe to call in the services of Natasha Romanoff to silence the “Puny” PM before he tires himself out, or maybe give him a Snickers bar to end this diva-ness but we all know that while the Hulk might get stronger, the madder he gets, the fictional character usually just wakes up naked, wondering what happened, how things got out of hand and if anyone got killed.

The adventures of Boris Johnson continue in Herculean style but things have at least got a little more colourful as Donald Trump paints himself in an orange glow which he blames on lightbulbs and Boris Johnson thinks he is about to turn green and lose all control smashing the EU.

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