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White House Priority (Covid-19)

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

With almost 100,000 people infected by Coronavirus and thousands dead, the White House has announced ambitious building plans that will finally demonstrate once and for all that the Trump Administration is “in great shape” like the president has stated all along.

While China has been busy building hospitals, with work starting on a thousand-bed hospital in Wuhan on January 10, the White House has commenced work on a far more ambitious project.

The grand new plans will benefit far fewer than the Chinese hospitals but America hasn't yet seen the same number of cases as China has.

President Trump has criticized the Obama Administration for the delay in testing for Coronavirus but he quickly resolved whatever the issue was in March so that America could finally test for Covid-19.

Trump’s Administration might be months behind the rest of the world when it comes to testing for Covid-19 but the First Lady has proudly announced The White House priority building plan which will focus more on hospitality than housing patients.

The First Lady of The United States, Donald Trump’s third wife who is not Of The United States has just announced that the White House is building a Tennis Pavillion so even if America isn’t "in great shape" like the president claims, at least Melania can try and get the president into shape which his last physician was unable to do despite secretly putting cauliflower into his mash potato.

I'm not sure if his medical advisors will have much luck containing the spread of Coronavirus in the United States especially after hearing how the Trump Administration botched the evacuation of Americans from the cruise ship Diamond Princess which was quarantined off Yokohama Japan.

Over 300 people were being flown back to the states, on the same plane as 14 Americans who had contracted Coronavirus. Naturally, it goes against all CDC protocols for quarantining a contagion but Trump's team knows best and the president claims to always "hire the best people."

From what I understand, the group of 14 people should have been flown back on a separate plane and not put on the same plane as the healthy group.

(Link to Snopes article https://www.snopes.com/news/2020/02/27/coronavirus-plane/)

I guess Trump is incapable of showing effective leadership when it comes to the CDC which is why it is probably best that he passed it to Vice President Pence. Trump might blame Obama for not handling the Coronavirus better but it was Trump who cut the government’s pandemic preparedness in 2018.

I'm sure taxpayers' money will be better spent on a tennis court for the First Family than on pandemic preparedness but I wonder if Trump's third family will really appreciate this latest expenditure.

Trump's doctors might not be able to stop the spread of Trump's weight while tackling a pandemic but a Tennis Pavillion might help and it is a good thing that the White House has prioritized building Trump a playground.

I'm not sure if his medical advisors will have much luck containing the spread of Coronavirus in the United States but a better question is why the previous administration didn't act sooner to build a Tennis Pavillion on the Executive Mansion's South Lawn?

PAVILION PRIORITY: https://archinect.com/news/article/150188248/melania-trump-is-building-a-classically-inspired-tennis-pavilion-on-the-white-house-lawn

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