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How & Why is Printerpix so bad?

Avoid Printerpix this Christmas, you will probably be very disappointed

Every other day, I receive an e-mail from Printerpix trying to sell me one of their many many products but I will never ever buy anything from them as I am still waiting on my order from the Summer.

Christmas is around the corner but I am still waiting on my August order and raising this issue with their Customer Service this week has been an absolute nightmare.

WAIT, WHAT? October 31st is a bit too Last Minute

I emailed them to say that I am still waiting for my order and just received a response saying:

“We’ve received your message and will get back to you SHORTLY.

We’re currently experiencing a high volume of requests, so it might take us a LITTLE LONGER to get back to you.”

I immediately went on Twitter to complain about the poor service and e-mailed them again over the next few days and received no response so I continued with my criticism on Twitter and then their Facebook page.

I wasn’t alone on Facebook and many of their posts included Angry emojis but no Likes.

If their Service is this bad then I predict they are in complete disarray and their Customer Service can’t keep up with all the negativity.

Ironically, they call their helpdesk “Zendesk.”

When I finally received a response from their Zendesk their agent Kayla half-heartedly took my details saying that she was busy dealing with other customers queries.

She actually greeted me with “Hell” instead of hello and I knew this nightmare service wasn’t going to end anytime soon.

She said that my order was dispatched at the end of August but yet I received no notifications about any delivery and I have been home everyday as a result of the current Pandemic.

They offered no explanation as to what happened to my order and then I was conveniently disconnected when I asked what happened to my order.

Several messages to them, and I finally received a response checking my address but missing the street number. Who delivers a package without a house number and if this had happened, why didn’t the delivery driver ring my phone to check the number?

I warned them that I was unhappy with their lack of service and needed to speak to a supervisor after being disconnected.

Kayla might not have disconnected me on purpose but the failed service that led me to their so called Zendesk was not the "100% Satisfaction Guarantee” that their website promises.

Please avoid Printerpix until they resolve their many Customer Service and delivery issues because I can’t imagine gifts arriving in time for Christmas at this rate and I fear that they are trying to charge customers twice for delivery when the easiest option is for you to order from a better service that quickly responds to customer concerns and

DELIVERS 100% Satisfaction.

100% Satisfaction Gurantee minus 26% Bad reviews on Trustpilot.com

WHO'S BAD? 26% of 18,378 Reviews is 4778 unhappy customers.

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