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Pizza Garage, guaranteed to get you motoring. (Sadly since closed)

Cheesy review penned for the Madrid Metropolitan´s 2017 January edition

WHETHER you drive a little Marbella, Ibiza, Leon, Alhambra, Malaga, Toledo, Nissan Navara or a Ford Fiesta, Sierra or Granada, drive to Pizza Garage Madrid and check out the best garage for miles.

Even if you normally hate going to the garage, there is something about adding the word PIZZA to really get your engines revving,

Pizza Garage located at Calle Peironcely, 25 28053 opened in 2015 taking the inspiration of a Route 66 diner but blending more exotic tastes with an Argentinian flavour.

Carlos Silva from Honduras got the idea for the car themed restaurant while visiting diners in America and opened Pizza Garage in 2015 with his wife, Monica. Carlos met English teacher Monica Puga in 2006 and they married in 2013. Monica who is originally from New Jersey works in the restaurant but is also busy working as an English examiner, combining cleaning tables with grammar tables.

They have many different plates, tin plated number plates that is and describing the eye catching car decor, Monica says, “Our license plates tell a story of friends, clients, family, and local car dealership in the US who donated the license plates to fill our wall.”

Filling up on their exotic plates you will find, deer, zebra, kangaroo and buffalo. For an even bigger burger bite, they even have crocodile on the menu too. This non conventional pizzeria serves square pizzas and most of the items on their menu have car inspired names such as Mustang and Miura.

Tired of the same old pizza, then head to Pizza Garage where you will find Michelin star tires on the wall and awesome pizza guaranteed to make 2017 a Goodyear.

Prepare for a taste of the New World as North American Route 66 decor meets South American flavour. If you love pizza and cars then why not try the service in Pizza garage. Exhausted with pizzas and burgers that don´t fill you, then try their exotic meats.

From Fiats to Ferraris, you can fill up on the classic Italian taste of Pizza but fused with an Argentinian flavour and if you like your food Fast & Furious, then try the full service in Pizza Garage and recharge your battery.

Tired of ordinary wallpaper? Check out this Route 66 style diner.

STATE OF THE PLACE: Monica from the Garden State of New Jersey is very proud of her plates.

DRIVE-THRU: A native American Indian motor bike above the kitchen hatch.

MICHELIN STAR: Tired of ordinary meals then check out some real fast food.

Sadly my favourite pizza place has closed but it was great while it lasted, till the wheels came off.

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