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Pessimistic Pints, People in Glass Houses

Is the glass half full or half-empty? You decide

Are the pubs half full or half empty in Ireland and what is there to take-away from the situation as Spain records as many new cases in a few days as Ireland has since March?

I know people will be feeling pessimistic about pubs that have patiently waited months for Coronavirus to "disappear" and I'm sure some of that optimism has been spilled as re-opening dates have been postponed and postponed and postponed.

Good news, for those of you feeling that the glass is half-empty as Donald Trump's campaign have just e-mailed me an alert about new "merch" they are selling.

Never a man to have his finger on the pulse about healthcare, Donald Trump and his drinking buddy Mike Pence have just announced Trump-Pence pint glasses.

You can finally get your hands on a pint glass and pessimists and optimists can toast their differences as your glass is actually full of nothing and some bars in Ireland are still closed since Saint Patrick's Day.

Barrack O'Bama returned to his ancestral home in 2011 well ahead of his re-election campaign and enjoyed a few scoops in Moneygal. That was the same year that Trump Vodka was discontinued. It didn't help that the snake oil salesman didn't drink alcohol himself but I would have thought a man who knew so many Russians could easily sell vodka but once AGAIN we see that Donald Trump couldn't hold a glass to Obama or organize a piss-up in a brewery.

The tone-deaf president drunk on power is seeking re-election during a pandemic that has claimed the lives of 190,000 Americans, and offering people empty beverage glasses to drown their sorrows because what everyone wants, deep down, is to be sold Murica merchandise during a pandemic.

So raise your glass to the man whose name adorns your pint even if it is a little early in September for

Arthur Guinness Day and remember Black Pints Matter and forget the man who literally can not handle a glass of water never mind a pandemic when what everyone needs is a shot of Uisce Beatha.

People in White Houses simply shouldn't throw pint glass sales but thanks for the Merch Alert.

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