• Morgan Fagg

One move at a time

You never turn your back on royalty, that is the rule.

My standing in life was set for me and like any game,

I have to obey the rules.

I cannot go back on the moves I have made

but sometimes I really wish that I could.

When royalty and the clergy get in trouble,

they quickly run and hide, behind the rank and file.

They have the freedom to move great lengths,

I do not. I am part of the poor proletariat.

Each step I take is limited, my role is important yet always under-rated.

I stand in front of the Queen's castle exposed to the elements.

I am a foot soldier not yet a horseman.

I hope and I pray that one day,

I will cross the great divide and get ordaned,

knighted or crowned a queen, for I you see,

am but a humble pawn living in fear on a checkered path.

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