• Morgan Fagg

Don't call it a Holocaust

How would Republicans react to a Nuclear Holocaust?

If Donald Trump accidentally launched an all out nuclear strike on America by confusing the big red lunch button on his desk with a launch button probably kept a little further away from this president than a drunk Nixon (Yes Nixon wanted to blow stuff up while drunk)

how many Republicans would defend his actions yet criticise AOC for calling it a nuclear holocaust?

Maybe all of them in the Senate, maybe most in the House of Representatives and all working in the White House. Then there are his supporters and sycophants.

"Yes it was clearly a nuclear accident but he didn’t mean it," I'm sure they might point out.

How many would point out that Nuclear Weapons were dangerous and it was only a matter of time before America blew itself up?

How many people would blame Barrack Obama for not dismantling more Nuclear weapons when he was president?

How many people would point out that Trump was not a politician and shouldn’t be blamed for it?Maybe he can blame the CIA, FBI or armed forces for his mistake and call it "Fake news."

Fox News if they survive could say that people are trying to politicise the natural disaster.

Evangelists could offer thoughts and prayers and blame gay people for offending god.

With children in cages and children on concrete floors without basic provisions like soap and toothbrushes, Alexandria Cort has called these detention facilities "Concentration Camps."

For these comments she has been heavily attacked despite the fact that these facilities do match the description and definition of Concentration Camps at least as far as I am concerned.

First to attack her was Dick Cheney's daughter Liz who should really be an expert in running controversial camps after her father's tenure in office.

Concentration Camps, children dying and Trump properties offering a stripper event in Miami, it is hard to believe that America has not yet reached rock bottom but with breaking news about Trump, Epstein and Secretary Acosta's role in GETTING HIM OFF, I am surprised Trump still has access to his own children as Secretary Acosta resigns.

Mike Pence has visited these horrendous facilities but denies that there is anything wrong and apparently when asking a child if everything was okay, the child responded, "Sí" but what if the child actually said "See?"

We have to look at what is happening but whenever I see AOC's incredible photographs standing by a chain fence, I am reminded of the iconic scenes in Terminator 2, Judgement Day.

Linda Hamilton's character Sarah Connor's scrawled, "No Fate" (but what we make) in the classic sci-fi film, after envisioning a thermo-nuclear explosion ripping through the chained fence that she was standing at. Gone were the swings and the slides and children playing.

Gone in the blink of an eye as the force of the blast destroys her body. She wakes up from the nightmare determined to alter the future.

What nightmare did Vice President Mike Pence "Sí" as he stood by the chain fence and will the religious leader admit that he as no faith as he breaks the Eight Commandment and bares false witness against his Mexican neighbours.

Mike Pence remains faithful to the President as the rest of the administration joins Secretary Acosta completely disgraced and wondering when will the Apprentice star resign them too.

Clearly the only way, Republicans will survive this nightmare is if they follow the Govenator.

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