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No Smoke without You're Fired

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

This "Hoax" is starting to get a little smokey but when we look at European doctor's advice you will find that they are sharing a picture of a pack of matches.

Not matches on fire but of burnt-out matches spaced between unlit matches. The space between matches represents social distancing and is meant to demonstrate how we can quite literally put out this fire.

President Trump's advice is arguably better than George W Bush's "Fight fire with fire" attitude where he sent more Americans to their death in Afganistan and Iraq to avenge the number of civilians who died on 9/11.

Trump might not use Drone-mounted Hellfires like his predecessors but he does drone on a bit and fires from the hip. Trump tweets and then retweets as if there were an angel and devil whispering different things in his ears.

There is no devil's advocate willing to defend Trump's current suggestions as most of his lawyers are probably waiting to be paid or are already in jail.

Trump is clearly not listening to Smokey the Bear has his advice on fighting fires to date has included using water bombers to drop water on Notre Dame's Cathedral, saying nothing about the Amazon Fire and telling California to rake their forests.

It feels like the planet has been permanently on fire in recent months with Australia and the Amazon as clear examples of the destructive behaviour that has tipped the balance between the environment and the business-as-usual attitude we have seen by irresponsible governments firing-up their bases.

Trump with his catchphrase, "You're Fired" might not be the best man to fight this fire.

Donald J Trump has been known to whip up fears and encourage xenophobia and the following images won't convince cartoonists that Trump is your Fireman when The Apprentice President dishes out advice. Poor Smokey the Bear will probably be more worried about Don Jr and Eric Trump hunting him or his cubs as the Trump regime is not very keen on protecting endangered animals, the environment, planet or even its inhabitants.

In fact, some Republicans have even suggested that the elderly would be happy to sacrifice their lives to Make America Great Again.

Trump wants to pack churches full of people for Easter Sunday but the pandemic hasn't peaked and I believe the figure could go as high as a million Americans infected if testing continued without Lockdowning and quarantining the population.

It is clearly time for the Americans to say, "You're Fired" and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was wise to issue packets of matches with a simple message,

You're Fired.

Boycott Brazil until Jair Bolsonaro is in jail, support firemen who always step up when things heat up and rather than extinguishing the Olympic flame, let's continue to social distance like the flame that doesn't spread in those memes shared by Italian doctors who know what they meme.

STEP ASIDE: Such a wonderful visual to stop this virus from spreading.

HOT HEAD: Trump yells and strikes out at those who try to cool him down.

BOMB FIRE: Trump's words have had explosive effects and have already left people dead.

RETRO RAGE: His words are firing up people who prefer matches to lighters & coal to solar power

RALLY CRY: Trump seems to be putting out fire with gasoline but we will have to see if it works.

BLOOD ON HIS HANDS: I've heard better advice from The Bloodhound Gang.

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