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No Man is an Island (COVID-19)

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Flight bans while holding hands

Quarantine the Taoiseach, I say,

he was a doctor, I think, he’ll understand

Don’t let him leave America, if at all we can

We have to start taking Covid-19 seriously

so isolate our leaders,

teleconference such events

The only gatherings not cancelled by Covid-19

are Chelthlem and Coronavirus crisis meetings

If they can not cancel these press conferences

what leadership are they showing?

Children watching leaders shaking hands

tells me that they don’t really understand

Cancel Disneyland,

turn on the Disney Channel

Lets watch The Avengers, Star Wars and Spiderman

We cannot blame Thanos,

if half the world ends

Wash your hands, make some plans

everyone will understand

Turn on the tv, tune out the news

if you sneeze, please keep it to yourself

The Avengers are only needed when

we need something to avenge

The Spanish President wants us to unite

but I think that's a load a shite

This crisis will keep going

if we don’t stop meeting friends

just stay at home

Avengers, please


Friday 13th of March, en Madrid. PHOTOS Not my own

MODERN FAMILY: Luke it's me, your father, put on your mask and gloves.

Put on your Mickey Mouse mask and keep wearing your white gloves. The doctor won't see you soon.

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