• Morgan Fagg


The elderly who gave us hugs

and lots of love,

were sacrificed to the economy

as people died of everything but coronavirus

the virus contributed to a million deaths but let’s Never Forget

the 19 terrorists who committed mass suicide

If we checked the death cert on that mid-September day,

how many people died of other causes?

We saw people jumping to their deaths,

how could we ever forget that?

There were people trapped in buildings

after their colleagues suffocated and burned,

Gases, fumes, and flames,

and those on the planes

Terrorists used knives

like an ANTIFA soup crime

How do we count the lives lost that day?

Isn’t it the same with Coronavirus today?

Firemen perished as they rushed to save lives,

as doctors and nurses, today have to fight

anti-mask protestors and anti-scientist presidents

The bravest of the brave,

face a 911 every few days

I’ll never forget that

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