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I really enjoy JP Burke's poetry and must check out his detective novels too sometime.

I started Lockdown Voices with a poem by JP as one of the first few voices I included.

He has added many interesting insights into Irish life on Lockdown and always with a nice whimsical look at the new world we are experiencing where a neighbour in a mask is a stranger at first glance.


I met a woman the other day - she said, 'How's it going, JP?'

I said 'Aw Jeez, how are you?' - to myself I said 'Who's she?'

She wore a mask, a hat and scarf - as if in full disguise

All I could see in the narrow gap - were two eyebrows and two eyes

We chatted for a few minutes - just general idle chit-chat

And when she had left, I asked myself - 'Who the hell was that?'

In this strange world we have today - where most people wear a mask

Figuring out who people are - can be a tricky task

Perhaps we should all wear name tags - just like the medics do

At least then when we meet someone - we would know just who is who

For when you're talking to just two eyes - you're trying to guess a face

And mentally scrolling though all the people you know - in this human race

And of course it is a lot worse - if they address you by name

The fact that you don't know them - it fills you full of shame

So for the moment if you meet someone - and struggle to know them like I do

What will get you out of trouble is - 'Aw Jeez, how are you?'

JP Burke's books online: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/stoneyburke

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