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Updated: Nov 24, 2019

[If you are worthy, you might enjoy this poem about the Celtic river goddess Sionann and Thor's hammer Mjölnir. I am sure most young people in Athlone are more familiar with Mjölnir. A large statue to a bearded river god has been proposed for Athlone which seems like an inappropriate way to remember our Celtic goddess Sionann who gave the River Shannon her name. Sionann is said to have drowned in pursuit of knowledge where it was believed the Salmon of knowledge swam and gave wisdom to anyone who ate it.]

Take this hammer

and chisel her name

She has been forgotten

she has no fame

Her forgotten face

a bearded disgrace

This fall from grace

her wisdom and tears

Raining down, on a

bearded god’s frown

This outflowing wisdom

gone but is it forgotten?

This Salmon of knowledge

her destructive hubris

Drowning her sorrows

in this divided place

19/11/19 en Madrid

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