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Mi Casa es su Casa

Updated: Mar 22

I just learnt today that the Japanese word for umbrella, ella, ella is casa and I was reminded of this beautiful Japanese umbrella that a friend offered to me when he was clearing out his house.

I believe such umbrellas can cost about €200 and some of these handmade examples can cost more than ten times that much.

Like most Irishmen, I always refuse an umbrella when it is offered to me but my reason was that I couldnt afford to fill my apartment with all the interesting items my friend needed to move from his casa.

Some of the larger items included two Teracotta Warriors which Im sure weighed a tonne a piece but from the Spanish casa to the Japanese casa that you can see Anna spinning in her hands, some things are too beautiful not to show off even if you shouldnt really be opening umbrellas indoor.

There were many interesting items worth talking about in that old house but the one thing that Anna was happy to take home was a beautiful old hotel key to a 5 starI hotel in Switzerland.

Who knows what stories that key could unlock but first I have some books to dust off and have a look at. Books from and about Joyce and Hemingway, books that were on my list of books to pick up and books I hope to give a good home to. Something you really can open up inside, on a rainy day.

KEY TO A MYSTERY: An old hotel key and an old Hemingway book, let´s take a look.

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