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In a very rare appearance, last seen at a funeral, Melania Trump smiled and looked happy.

The former model, famous for her naked poses in GQ magazine and bizarre spreads in Donald Trump's airplane where the Slovenian model appeared naked and handcuffed to a suitcase, actually smiled.

Free of her restraints, Melania appeared happy in what the internet clearly picked up on.

Greeting the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeu with a kiss, Melania looked not only happy but smitten with the Canadian leader.

There is something about a man who doesn't want to have sex with his daughter and who doesn't hang out with paedophiles and doesn't imprison children in Concentration Camps to really touch a woman and I mean a woman's heart, not just "by the pussy."

Trump on the other hand wasn't so happy to be back in Europe where world leaders have huge questions to ask about Climate Change and the destruction of the world's rainforests.

The picture reminded me of Hart to Hart where a wealthy businessman and his beautiful wife tackle crime and an endless amount of murders. They are aided in their efforts by their butler Max who dotes on them like a fatherly figure.

By contrast, Trump looked like a grumpy butler about to be let go while his wife only has eyes for North America leaders like Barrack Obama and Justin Trudeu and when it comes to fighting crime, they mostly just obstruct investigations into their wrongdoings or appoint people with dubious pasts.

Most recently with the departure of Sarah Huckabee Sanders who was revealed to be a liar in the Mueller Report, Melania Trump's spokesperson has become Trump's Press Secretary despite a number of questions being asked about her arrests for DUIs and her dubious past working with other companies. Makes me wonder if Trump hires his staff from a police line up or by their mugshot.

WHAT A MUG? Trump at the G7 Summit reminded me of someone in front of a police line up.

FACEBOOK FANS: People noticed a happier, warmer woman who looked like she cared.

MARCH FOR OUR LIVES: More women are running for politics than ever before.

WHO'S HER DADDY? Ivanka dreams of crossing the Canadian border.

FUNERAL FUN: Putting the fun into funerals, Melania even tried to catch the bouquet of flowers.

WHAT A PARTY? Trump is not allowed to attend some Republican funerals.

THIRD WHEEL: The three main characters in the ABC series Hart to Hart.

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