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Defying the Mask Ban on tv

Hong Kong Protests

Halloween in Hong Kong will be no fun

While watching CNN last week, I noticed that people seem to be defying the face mask ban.

The headline read, POLICE FIRE TEAR GAS AS PROTESTERS DEFY MASK BAN but maybe the protesters wouldn't need face masks if the police stopped firing tear gas at them.

There are many reasons to wear face masks including hiding your face from police detection and face recognition software.

There are environmental reasons to wear face masks in China and major cities as a result of pollution and breathing problems and then there are face masks to make you look younger.

Did the CNN reporter cleanse the dirt from her face at the end of the day? Remove all the pollution from her pores and did she don a gas mask when the police started firing tear gas?

Beauty products and environmental factors aside, a police man appears by her side who doesn't appear to have got the memo.

There is a mask ban in effect yet the officer decides to do a Justin Trudeau on it and puts on black face. Maybe he was cold and maybe he didn't know that people weren't supposed to wear face mask and he probably can't read the CNN banner below his masked face and not because he is wearing a mask but because it is English and added by the editorial production team.

Banning masks in a country where masks are actually needed might prove as unpopular as everything else done recently in Hong Kong but as V said in V for Vendetta, "beneath this mask is an idea and ideas are bulletproof."

Batman might want to cancel his order of 10,000 masks unless he wants to get in trouble with the law.

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