• Morgan Fagg

Marine One cannot fly in the rain, Really?

MARINE ONE was unable to bring President Trump to a cemetery in France to honour American soldiers who died during World War One. One Reason given, according to a tweet by Politico:

"The White House opted to drop the trip due to rainy weather because the president's Marine One helicopter cannot fly in rain or fog."

From what I know of the president's helicopter Marine One, it is nothing but a call sign and from what I have seen, they have a few. I watched Obama's helicopters at Dublin Airport and I imagine you don't bring helicopters to Ireland unless they can handle a few drops of rain.

The traditional model used by US Presidents is based on the Sikorsky SH3 Sea King and yes I did say Sea King. Watch this Youtube video of a possible future king, Prince William wash one and decide for yourself if a Marine One can't handle a little rain. One doesn't question a king about rain.

I do not mean to second guess a pilot about unsuitable flying conditions and bad weather but I hear excuse and President Trump would have carried these incredibly machines very far in C5 Galaxy transporters for them to be used as well as a fleet of limousine and vehicles but then didn't go to the cemetery. simply incredible.

Barrack Obama in the back of The Beast, a bulletproof and I presume rainproof car.

Grey skies, White-top helicopters used as Marine One helicopters flying over Air Force One in Dublin

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