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I´m now offering a Make Up Class

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

I’m not lying, this post is made up of many different references to make up.

After having to cancel an English class yesterday, I offered to make it up to my student this morning and his first question was, “What do you mean by make up?”

Not to be confused with making something up which could be interpreted as either lying or being creative, I had to first make it up to him, (in an apologetic sense) by explaining what make up means.

I am not a makeup artist and this tutorial is very different from most makeup tutorials you might find on Youtube even though the expression “Kiss and makeup” has been used very successfully in the fashion world to sell lipstick as it plays beautifully on the expression to kiss and make up which refers to a couple kissing after a fight and resolving their differences.

You can make up with friends after a fight and can make up the difference such as I tried to do with my client. To try and make it up to someone is also a way of apologising.

There are many different uses of make up that make up this collection of useful phrases and you will see make up used to describe committees and groups. The United Nations is made up of representatives from many different nations and The Periodic Table is made up of all known elements and their chemical makeup. (Makeup spelt like cosmetics in this case.)

And if you think I am making this all up, check wordreferece.com and see some of the ways make up can be applied.

I really shouldn’t say applied or it sounds like cosmetics but such expressions are confusing in English, as I learnt this morning.

I hope you enjoyed my first make up class,

I told you, I wasn’t lying.

POLITICAL MAKEUP: You can't make this bad makeup up.


I’m not lying, make up can mean to invent a story.

JK Rowling made up the fictional character of Harry Potter whereas some politicians make up facts to suit their agenda.

Last night my friend bought drinks when I forgot my wallet so I will have to make it up to him and buy drinks, next time. To make it up by balancing things out or making things right.

After the affair, her husband spent years trying to make it up to her. Similar to the last example, you have to make things right.

If you can make things right with your girlfriend/wife after a small argument, you might be able to kiss and make up.

If not try buying some expensive makeup to make it up to her.

Okay, that is all the examples I can make up at the moment.

Remember, make up will become made up in the past tense.

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