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G.A.A. Gala Ball, end of the 2018 season

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

AND the award goes to Moonlight, sorry, with all the glam, I thought I was at the Oscars.

Dressed to kill, these ballers, more used to a G.A.A. ball went all out for their Gala Ball.

With weather to match any Irish match, the game was called off on the rooftop terrace at Gymage near Gran Via and players let the pool overflow above as the drinks flowed below.

There were several awards giving out at the Academy Awards, sorry, award ceremony and lots of celebrating as the club could gratefully boast 5-in-a-row.

As the club includes two men's and two ladies´teams, there were male and female awards up for grabs for MVP and Most Improved players. In addition to the teamwork shown this year, Hall of Famers were welcomed for all that has been done over the years to make the club what it is today.

Gymage nightclub is the closest I have been to a gym in a while and what a night it was for the club.

Different varieties of hot and cold food flowed from the open bar and a DJ entertained the late night revellers until about 2AM.

While one season has ended, a new one is just about to begin, so get out of the Nightclubs and into the gym as 5-in-a-row victories are not easily earned and many clubs around Spain are looking for a chance to dress up and dance so don't drop the Ball, and I´ll see you there next year for 6-in-a-row celebrations.

Photo from the night: https://www.gaa-gala-ball.nohemingway.com

MVP Female: Maria Mooney

MVP Male: John Meighan

Most Improved Female: Grace Powell

Most Improved Male: Jason Mallon

Hall of Fame:

Itziar Alberdi, Javier Vicente & Evan Lester

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