• Morgan Fagg

Madrid Central

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Trucks parked between the trees,

pedestrians walking in the middle of the road,

as a taxi driver juggles 3 mobile phones,

I have to ask, where are we going?

As a truck knocks against the little sapling,

hacks the bark but doesn’t break the trunk

The tree might yet survive,

unlike the mayor of Madrid,

who reduced the pollution,

centred in Madrid

That little tree that needs years to grow

ran over by a hit and run furniture truck

who even gives a fuck

to take a second look

As rainforests furnish our apartments

and a new mayor decorates his office.

Adiós Carmena, hola contaminación.

RIP Madrid Central

30th November 2018-June 2019

Photos from the protest: https://www.madrid-central.nohemingway.com

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