• Morgan Fagg

Can't argue with these Mad Men

Trump promised that there would be so much winning that America would be "sick of winning" but I wouldn't advertise that on Worldometers.info if I was one of Trump's Mad Men.

Worldometers is a website that tracks global statistics such as the birthrate as well as the death rate.

This website also has a detailed breakdown of the "Democratic hoax" called Covid-19.

An advertisement showing Kimberly Guilfoyle has sickeningly trolled Americans with the caption,

"His promise was to put America First and HE HAS."

You can read that in all caps and imagine Donald Trump Jr's girlfriend shouting it at you but if the "National Chair" of this Finance Committee is going to see advertising money spent on a website that clearly shows America's first-place position on a statistical website showing details of how poorly America has handled this sorry situation then people will have to ask if Trump hires "the best people" or if Don Jr' girlfriend didn't just get the job because Jarad and Ivanka were too busy for anymore nepotism.

Seriously, who is letting the Trump family and friends near a finance committee?

If I was one of those Mad Men on Madison Avenue and someone suggested paying for an advertisement that shows how number two a job you have done on preventing the spread of a pandemic, I would have them fired (and I'd make a show about it) but maybe those Mad Men thought those figures showing 187,624 deaths would magically just disappear.

Make America Great Again, not the best slogan for a re-election campaign unless the blundering incumbent is hellbent on a Great Plague, Great Depression, Great Famine, and a Great War.

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