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LUPIN, Feels like Déjà vu

There is something very Déjà vuey for me about watching the new Netflix series Lupin.

I am very impressed with the new French series Lupin, and I cant place my finger on the

familiarity I have for Lupin. Lupin is not a new story as it is based on the 25 something books written by Maurice Leblanc over a century ago.

I feel this series went in a nice direction by casting a black actor to play the title role, and unlike the outrage when Idris Elba was suggested as a possible James Bond replacement, Lupin is not the original Arsene Lupin but a fan of the Lupin books written by Leblanc.

Omar Sy plays a character called Assane Diop who has learnt to become a gentleman thief like Lupin while trying to solve a 25 year old crime by pulling off an epic heist in the Lourve Museum.

Pseudoscience and Anagrams

He uses pseudonyms in his heists that are based around the name Arsene Lupin but the french author was no stranger to changing letters around when it came to character names and I`m surprised Maurice Leblanc didnt serve time in Scotland Yard as a gentleman thief himself.

Dressed to kill like James Bond, this feels more like the BBC series Sherlock and long before Ian Fleming ever put on a tuxedo, the french author was trying to rob Sir Arthur Conan Doyle`s Sherlock Holmes. Believe it or not, Lupin was outsmarting a character called Herlock Sholmes in books almost a hundred years ago. The first book published in 1905.

Classy and fun and full of action, I would definately recommend that you check out Lupin and even if I cant place my sense of Déjà vu which is a french phase meaning, "already seen" this new series is really worth checking out and I am guessing my Déjà vu is more of a precognition prophecy that the French classic will soon be as famous and recognisable around the world as Herlock Sholmes and that the French character will become as familiar as the French phrase, Déjà vu.

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