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Luck out for each other

Let's learn from the legend of Saint Patrick and luck out for each other

Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland and if he was around today, I am sure he would cancel all large gatherings until he had got rid of Coronavirus too.

Saint Patrick is beloved around the world and I think it is time we looked beyond the Arthurian tale of downing pints of Guinness and took a look at the life of Maewyn Succat and legend he has left behind.

The Spanish Irish Business Network has just this minute announced the cancellation of their Gala Ball which is a terrible pity for those looking forward to the biyearly charity event.

Every other year, the SIBN picks charities based in Ireland and Spain and holds a night to remember in the name of Saint Patrick.

Maewyn Succat is the least Irish person you will find in history but the story of this British boy should be celebrated. His story involves human trafficking, immigration, piracy and someone of a different religion who changed the world. He did not speak the local language when he arrived in Ireland yet is remembered every year on the 17th of March.

The name Patrick I believe is chosen to represent a father figure and Saint Patrick is seen as the original religious leader in Ireland and first bishop. Patricius or Patrick is Latin, I believe, for father-figure and a quick google translation gives me Pater for father in Latin.

We might sometimes say Padre for a priest and here in Spain poor Patrick is forgotten every year as he competes with San Jose on March 19th which is Father's Day in Spain.

We must be fatherly ourselves this year and look out for others and I am delighted that the SIBN has cancelled the event. Let’s drive out the snakes once again and postpone the party until it is done.

Maewyn Succat I believe was Welsh and returned to Ireland to spread the good word. He is credited as bringing Christianity to Ireland even though he was first forced to the foreign land as a slave.

Let’s luck out for each other and with so many immigrants in need and at sea, let’s speak up for these young children who need help, and locally let’s support the SIBN’s Spanish/Irish charities.

Saint Patrick is a legend we can celebrate every day but let’s get rid of the viruses and snakes and make sure that Saint Patrick is remembered as much more than just a day to go drinking.

Stay safe and remember Guinness is good for you but best enjoyed in the safety of your own home, this year.

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