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Looking for work in the Midlands? (Spain)

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

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If you are looking for work in the Midlands and are finding it difficult to find. Perhaps I can help you.

Far from the banks of the Shannon and Goldsmith country, there are lots of teaching opportunities in the middle of Spain, particularly in the capital, Madrid. A little further from home but an excellent place to spend some time and gain new experiences and meet some great people.

You do not need Spanish to teach in Madrid but you do need a good level of English. My own English has improved mucho since coming to Spain despite only getting a D in the Leaving Cert. If you are certain about leaving and have perhaps been thinking of teaching abroad, check out Spain first.

Picture by Emilia Krysztofiak, Rua Photography

Five years ago, a friend gave me the advice about moving to Madrid. Like him, I had thought of working abroad and he gave me the same advice his father had given him. Move to Madrid. Flights are frequent and affordable and working in Europe is easy for Europeans. The culture is great, the opportunities plenty but you will have to adapt to a healthier Mediterranean diet.

You don’t need to be a teacher or have teaching experience but it does help. I arrived with no Spanish, no TEFL and no teaching experience. Most jobs are looking for people with a degree in any discipline or to be at least completing your studies.

English is essential for travelling so put that flat Athlone accent to use. If you are not interested in teaching but maybe just taking a short stay in Spain then many families are looking for English speaking au pairs for example and Summer Camps in July are always looking for English speakers.

I am writing this because my inbox is full of job offers I haven't got time to respond to and I have been able to help an Athlonian who arrived a few weeks ago, to settle and find work.

If you are interested in teaching English as a foreign language but don´t know where to empezar, feel free to e-mail me and I´ll try to answer your questions. If you play G.A.A. then pack your boots and join the Madrid Harps, if not bring a smile, an open mind and the gift of the gab if you got it.

Say goodbye to Sean´s Bar and hello to the oldest restaurant in the world, say goodbye to the mart and hola bull runs and even if Rio Manzanares has nothing on the Shannon, you can cycle and run, a lot more in the sun.

Your man in Madrid,


Picture by Emilia Krysztofiak, Rua Photography

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