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Lockdown Voices Number 51 GUILTY

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

George Floyd was arrested over a suspected $20 counterfeit note but he was guilty of being black and the story reminded me of another famous counterfeiter who was caught after an extensive FBI search.

Black Lives Matter won't mention what happened to Frank Abagnale but I will.

I am not afraid to talk about race and how Frank W. Abagnale was treated by the law when he too was accused of counterfeiting and you will probably be sick when you think of the injustice here.

When I said George Floyd was stopped by police and handcuffed over a suspected $20 counterfeit note, I said suspected because I haven't heard that it was proven even though I am sure Law Enforcement has had that banknote as evidence for over a week now. Right?

They said that he resisted arrest but weren't they wearing bodycams?

Surely there is some way for the FBI to recognise a counterfeit note from say Monopoly money.

Surely George Floyd didn't deserve to be killed over $20 and since we imagine that people are innocent until proven guilty, why was he handcuffed and arrested?

Why weren't the Police Officers arrested when they were fired? You can't say you are waiting on evidence because there was plenty of evidence. There were multiple videos of the murder and a body.

Why weren't they arrested but Geoge Floyd was? Why was CNN reporter Omar Jimenez arrested if the police need so much evidence and where is that $20 now?

Also if it was a single counterfeit note than why even think that he even knew it was counterfeit?

In the film Quantum of Solace, James Bond's boss dismisses evidence about a person having laundered money they were tracking, the MI6 boss casually says, "The way money changes hands, I could have some." She was more interested when she was told that he had a stack of these notes.

If that $20 note hasn't been lost in police custody, wink wink then why haven't we heard that it was possibly a genuine mistake made by the deceased or an actual note of legal tender?

What is the issue here? Did he print FUCK TRUMP on the note as some people have done?

How can the Minneapolis Police Department not be able to tell the difference between banknotes?

The tragic tale of Frank Abagnale

By the time Frank Abagnale was 18, he had apparently forged millions of dollars' worth of checks while pretending to be a Pan Am pilot, a doctor and a lawyer.

Poor Frankie was chased all over America by the FBI who gave him a job when they caught him.

Okay, that is the short version but I haven't read his best-selling book and have only seen the film but despite the dangers of a teenager pretending to be a pilot and a doctor, I don't remember law enforcement standing on his neck and choking the life out of him for counterfeit cheques.

CHECK THIS OUT: The real tragedy of Frank Abagnale in my opinion was that despite pairing Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks together in a Steven Spielberg movie, DiCaprio never won as much won as an Oscar nomination for that role.

Come on, tell me that isn't injustice. Leonardo was brilliant. #Justice4Leo

It's time for America to have a Hart to Hart on police investigations and injustice but wait, wasn't Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen also in the 2002 film Catch Me If You Can?

Catch Me Even If I'm White

Wasn't CHRIStoPHER WALKin also at the suspicious scene of a crime scene investigation where an actress was found dead in peculiar circumstances? Wasn't he a guest onboard her yacht along with her husband Robert Wagner who played Johnathon Hart in the tv detective drama Hart to Hart?

Where were the real-life detectives to investigate Walken and Wagner when Natalie Wood died? Come on she acted with Peter Falk for christ sake. TV's Columbo.

Unlike the James Bond bad guy Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen has been arrested on numerous occasions as a good guy protesting various issues.

With so many arrests, I am surprised the tv president hasn't run for the West Wing himself.

WHY JEB? He has played JFK on tv and President Jeb Bartlett for seven seasons of the Aaron Sorkin series The West Wing and also the crazy candidate in The Dead Zone where Stephen King's nightmare sees Martin Sheen playing a common man running for the White House.

A dangerous man who made his name in construction and wears a hardhat to his rallies and says crazy things that cause pundits to dismiss him but the people to love him. Christopher Walken plays a psychic who can predict the future and sees the dangers of presidential candidate Greg Stillson.

You don't need to be a psychic to see Stephen King's psycho in the White House but I think a little more investigation into White Collar Crime would be worth more than a shakedown for $20.

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