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Lockdown Voices Number 8

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's Matthew Loughney climbing down a drain.

Today on Facebook, I saw The James Joyce's very own Matthew Loughney taking all necessary precautions to protect the community but it wasn't with a mask or gloves but one of those rare rolls of toilet paper everyone has been trying to get their hands on for the last month.

Yes, we all think Matthew is great so I have asked him to be Voice #8.

In a very short post on Facebook, Mr Loughney has put fancy-looking toilet paper up his noses to help protect those people making delicious food. Speaking of delicious food, I am very fortunate to have a girlfriend who is such a good cook and today when she asked me to get some white wine for lunch, I bought one of each so we can try a wine tasting of white wine tonight.

Not exactly a Noah's Arc of goods, I only bought one of each and depending on the success of our wine tasting, we might actually try all the red wine too.

Mixing food and wine is kind of Matthew's forte and if Matthew was managing his fort, (The James Joyce) then I am sure many of us would be enjoying their food and beverages too. How we miss you Matthew.

Let's raise a glass to my friend and yours (if you live in Madrid) Matthew Loughney.

I wouldn't turn my nose up at the chance of having some good food either but Matthew gave a few people a good laugh with his Coronavirus Quarantine Lockdown precations of plugging his nose of those dangerous delicious smells.

Thanks for the laugh my friend but I sincerely hope you were joking about abseiling down the drainpipes to have a sniff around the neighbour's kitchen.

James Joyce and Hemingway were drinking buddies in Paris but depending on the success of my white white wine blogs, I think you might need to send someone from The James Joyce, down the drainpipes to finish off these NoHemingway blogs.

This is blog #400 which I am sure you will agree, calls for a drink.

Stay Safe everyone, Sláinte

IMPORTANT RESEARCH: These are testing times and I will put these to the test.

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