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Lockdown Voices Number 6 BAD

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

This Lockdown Voice is not taken from any sensible post or person surviving the quarantine. It is not taken from a poet or political commentator but the one voice I have heard continually in the streets near me whenever I have been outside.

"Do you want to see Michael Jackson?"

Who’s Bad?

There is a well known but not well respected Michael Jackson impersonator in my neighbourhood and every day that I have been out shopping, I have seen this man in the street doing his thing.

Wearing dirty grey tracksuit bottoms, this poor man will approach people and offer to do his backward dance for some change or cigarettes.

It is undignified and I wouldn’t normally point out this poor man’s routine but the world has changed since Covid-19 and I would like him to change his look and act too. Nothing that would ruin his routine as I understand he is a performer but some additions that could actually help his act.

His routine probably hasn’t been updated much since man first walked backwards on the moon but after been approached twice by him today looking for some cigarettes, I am starting to get really pissed off by his terrible performance and lack os social distancing.

Water and shelter is a luxury for some people, don't get me wrong but with a scarf around my face and a single disposable glove on my hand, I look more like Michael Jackson so please please if you are going to approach me one more time; do it with a Michael Jackson mask or a glove like M.J. wore.

Otherwise, I swear I will send you to the moon. Yes this man isn’t the full shilling while pestering people for pesetas but Michael Jackson is dead and yet he managed to wear a face mask in public and wore a glove while he was alive.

Michael Jackson's iconic look is all the rage these days and some people are even asking if he predicted Coronavirus years ago but please don’t be bad, you’re not M.J. and you are driving me mad.

NO GLOVE NO LOVE: One of these days, pow! right in the kisser, right to the moon.

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