• Morgan Fagg

Lockdown Voices Number 56 AFLOAT

This is a short free verse (Non-rhyming) poem I wrote this morning after reading an article on Afloat.ie about a boatbuilder in Roscommon who passed away at the age of 94.

Clearly Jimmy Furey had almost a century of craftsmanship experience and I imagine such mastery can easily die out as modern society has become dependent on Chinese made goods that are shipped in when we clearly need to turn the tide as an island nation facing a Brexit, post-Coronavirus storm.

This Lockdown Voice is sadly a farewell to an era of craftsmanship and a master boatbuilder and I wonder if he will receive a Norsemen farewell and his boats burned, as an era comes to an end.



If we want to stay afloat, we should learn to build a boat

Local craftsmen celebrated Handmade, homemade not shipped in from abroad

The bible is full of boatbuilders and Climate Change deniers but are we all in the same boat?

Small boats lead to big boats big boats keep us all afloat Such talent should never die out

We must bridge the generation gap but I am just a hack, I'll close my mouth

A wordsmith, no gold nor blacksmith but I hope you have an extra paddle when the creek hits the fan

Our society is not exactly shipshape and we just lost some legendary leadership

June 22nd 2020

You can find Afloat.ie's article here:


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