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Lockdown Voices Number 55 ART

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I am no artist but I do know that museums could be filled with relics like this one in the near future.

This Lockdown Voice was posted by For Arts Sake on Athlone Community Radio’s Facebook page but tells us far more about real life than just art for art’s sake.

Smashed Window in Memphis paints a picture of the situation in America at the moment and while the unknown artist's intentions are quite transparent, the window is certainly not as clear as it once was but I think the rock has only scratched the surface.

This artwork is clearly labelled "Rock on Glass" the same way an artist might label their work as Oil on Canvas or Acrylic on Canvas but this stained glass tells usmore of this moment in history than anything Harry Clarke or his stained glass studios in Dublin could ever have produced.

What we are looking at is a Banksy at his or her best and this is not the first time I have ventured into the role of being an art critic in recent weeks. An American artist pictured the Statue of Liberty being held down like George Floyd was but with Donald Trump with his knee on the neck of Lady Liberty.

Taking the pulse of American society right now, Claire Nobles posted this beautiful yet horrific image of Lady Liberty.

A man on Facebook called Sam Humphrey posted his own artistic commentary,

"What an uneducated bias piece of so called art."

I responded with my own appraisal for Mr Humphrey, the art critic.

"Maybe someone should explain this artwork to you. You see the image of the man with the long tie represents a monster that looks human but his skin color is different. He wears a blue suit but his actions are of violence. The victim which could be any woman being grabbed by the pussy, is down on the ground and completely dominated by the monstrous aggressor yet her light is still lit and hasn't been snuffed out, despite the efforts of some."

I'd buy a print of Claire Nobles art if it was in a French museum.

Unlike the humouristic Facebook post by For Arts Sake which is listed as "Artist Unknown," Claire Nobles' is known and her artwork is available on https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/49651028?fbclid=IwAR0QHLSmUQw6LxBzskOtG9wsb7ix2tOaQYCANIkMQJaM1-gQSSWeMu1vVfA in which the American artist is selling her work on Redbubble.com but with all funds going to the Black Lives Matter movement. Not only is she not asking to profit from her art but she has gone one further.

Miss Nobles has suggested that people give directly to Black Lives Matter instead of buying her artwork as there are costs associated with producing and buying products from Redbubble.com

I featured Claire Nobles in https://www.nohemingway.com/post/lockdown-voices-number-50-liberty

and hope we have seen the last of such images but not the last of Miss Nobles and her noble work.

The picture Smashed Window in Memphis is only scratching the surface but as much as I appreciate the artist’s take on modern-day society, I hope to see an end to this form of art, For Art's Sake.

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