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Lockdown Voices Number 50 LIBERTY

She is US but she will need to speak up

There is a Lady in America who has spent her whole life inspiring people. A symbol that people have looked up to for decades and yes, like many Americans, her story began in Europe.

She is an immigrant who was not born in America but who Made America Great.

One that Donald Trump would probably be happy to see returned to France.

She is a sister to the Eiffel Tower and one of the world's most recognisable and powerful symbols.

She is not a general or a king on a horse, she is not even waving a sword or a cross. She is us.

She represents so many and so much and when the White House turned off the lights, she remained lit.

She is "the light on a shining hill" and I think more countries should build such beautiful monuments.

Maybe the French want to gift such a beautiful figure to Ireland, where we could welcome hope back to the Old County and the Old World. Can you imagine such a symbol welcoming people to Europe?

Such extraordinary gifts and craftsmanship are a rarity but when we look at Amerikkka at the moment, she is one of the only positive images coming out of the Divided States right now.

Artist Claire Nobles deserves a Noble Prize for this horrible image of Lady Liberty under attack and unable to breathe.


When the police are murdering people in broad daylight knowing that they are being filmed, the light has been lost. It has been stuffed out and people will wonder who they are going to call when the police attack them, shoot at them, and drive patrol cars through them? Ghostbusters???

I CAN'T BREATHE: Lady Liberty will need to keep people's hopes afloat.

WATCH YOUR STEP: We all have to remember not to step on each under.

AMERICAN DREAM? Lockdown Voices Number 50 is dedicated to the fifty states divided 50/50

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