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Lockdown Voices Number 49 NEIGHBOURS

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I saw this alarming post on Facebook which I thought, I had to share as a Lockdown Voice.

Locked Down in America for months, I know very little about my neighbour Anne but last August when the gas was turned off in my building and I couldn't have a warm shower for weeks, I met Anne in a small supermarket called Vecino (Neighbour) and when I mentioned the situation to her and that my girlfriend couldn't have a hot shower, just as conversation, she offered to let us use her son's apartment while he was away.

Incredibly, her son's friends who were house-sitting at the time and taking care of his cats, had also insisted that my girlfriend should call over if she needed to use their shower.

That is the community I want to live in. I want neighbours who help each other.

Anne was there when my fresh clean water wasn't warm enough for showering.

Sadly, the Minneapolis Police Department weren't there for George Floyd when he needed air.

America is on fire over $20 and neighbours from Madrid to Miami are afraid for the future.

Here is my neighbour's Facebook post.

"For once in my life, I am afraid."

If I was Justin Trudeau in neighbouring Canada, I would open up my home to the General De Gaulles in this fight. I would be sending secure transport to the border to evacuate people like Joe Biden. We all need to get out on the streets and help our neighbours but not all of us will make it home.

These are extraordinary times. Journalists are being targeted by the police yet the shower in the Whitest of Houses, said nothing when Washington Post journalist Jamil Khashoggi was cut up into small pieces, in an embassy, with a bone saw.

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