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Lockdown Voices Number 40 FEAR

I saw this posted on Facebook and while we can argue that there is "Nothing to fear but fear itself,"

there is still nothing freer than fear.

I wrote a blog on March 3rd about the Millenium Bug, when people in Madrid were still ignoring the warning signs and basically I believe we avoided Y2K problems by acting like it could have ruined our world. Our fears led to precautions that might have saved the day.

Clearly we would have emerged with Coffee machines that thought it was 1900 and ATMs that wouldn't give us the money we had for 99 years but we would have survived, and raising fears is a natural thing for any species to do to survive.https://www.nohemingway.com/post/millennial-bug

Posted underneath the Facebook post, someone commented

None of the virus' on that list had a transmission rate like Covid-19. None had a chance of 1 person having the ability to infect approx. 95,000 people in a retransmission chain. People need to stop downplaying this, & start accepting facts & new data as its coming.

Within the first 50 days, Sars/Ebola etc only killed approx. 500 people.

This thing in that same timeframe killed almost 50,000 people.

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