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Lockdown Voices Number 39 CLASS

In the words of Otto Man, "Woah"

Like the fictional bus driver, Otto Man, bus drivers might be seen as the underachiever of school yet the picture above demonstrates once AGAIN that everyday heroes have done more to MAKE AMERICA GREAT than we give them credit for.

This picture shows more for maths and understanding than we have seen from educational leaders such as Betsy De Vos and Donald J Trump. The man who founded Trump University and defrauded

his students. 2020 has been an incredible year so far but despite having the "The best people," Donald Trump's Communications department has continued to make the most basic of mistakes.

Mistakes that we can all make but mistakes that I as a teacher would never accept from a child.

When Trump tweeted in April 2018 that Barbara Bush had passed away. The wrote April 2017 and I joked on Twitter that people still getting the year wrong in April, should be impeached.

These bus drivers have brought a smile to my face, simply by lining their buses up to spell out 2020 and I don't think people realise that driving is an education in itself.

I was very fortunate that my parents put as much focus on my driving education as an education.

I asked my father for my first driving lesson at the age of 12 and despite almost plummeting him into a tree in our driveway on my 12th birthday, my parents afforded me every opportunity to drive.

My mother said time and time again that most jobs need drivers and encouraged me to put down "Full Clean Driving License" on my CV.

Maybe in a city centre, cars are less needed by commuters but I was always surprised that more people haven't focused more on teaching children how to drive.

Yes, there are Driver's Ed classes in America but not every child is as fortunate as I have been.

Education is important, role models are important and good parking is important.

In the words of Armin Tamzarian (Principal Seymour Skinner)

"Hail to the Bus Driver, Bus driver man."

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