• Morgan Fagg

Lockdown Voices Number 38 HAIRY

Updated: May 31, 2020

While walking around Madrid Madrid Madrid on the feast day of San Isidro, I saw this beautiful building which seems to be in need of a haircut of its own.

Walking the streets of Madrid, trees are vibrant and I never saw so much green in this "Green City."

The Capital is turning green with all the rain and reduced pollution these days but I always wonder why we don't embrace more greenery on our rooftops.

Space is at a premium in city centres but even a little greenery can help combat pollution and imagine how great the city could look. You're not going to get a combine harvester or a lawnmower on the roof very easily but why not astroturf pitches or basketball courts hoops if not vegetable gardens?

Yes, flat roofs leak but why not grow some leaks and vegetables?

Why wait to strengthen roofs for the extra weight?

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