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Lockdown Voices Number 37 Q

Updated: May 30, 2020

Today I am looking at one Lockdown Voice that I am afraid is growing all the time, Q_anon and OAN

Q Anonymous or Qanon or variations of the letter Q seem to offer some nasty right-wing commentary and the image above should show the clear bias exhibited by such groups and organisations.

Similarly, One America News OAN caters to fans of Fox News who want even fewer facts and offer more crazy commentary and conspiracies than actual news reporting and we seem to have moved away from reporting on events to commenting without thinking.

Comedian John Oliver examines their ramblings in this 18-minute video which is worth watching as it is funny but far more telling is the 5-minute re-action video that was posted which claims that the OAN presenter "Destroys" John Oliver's argument.

I fear that comedians are presenting facts and figures far better than most people while presenters are presenting more ego than fact and I am not convinced OAN is destroying anyone except America.

WHEELER DEALER: OAN and Q_anon are being referenced to as news networks when it looks more like propaganda dressed up in sheep's clothing. Check out Liz Wheeler defending herself and see if she is promoting her own agenda rather than defending journalism standards.

PROPPING THEM UP: OAN and Q-anon's Q-uestionable reporting appears on many Facebook and Social Media shares and people don't always take kindly to being challenged on the propaganda they have liked and shared. Below you can see the kind of Q_tip logic people are posting online.

A-DRESS THE NATION: Unlike Q_anon, at least OAN has a physical address and who knows where Q_anon are based?

I am guessing they could as easily be based in Eastern European cities as mainland America.

Here is a BBC article on Troll Farms and I think everyone should become aware of Troll Farms ahead of the 2020 presidential election. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-43093390

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