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Lockdown Voices Number 34 LGBT Voice

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

I saw the following post by Rory Geraghty on Facebook and I thought it would be good to include a LGBT Lockdown Voice as Coronavirus has made most nation's borders irrelevant and maybe the Rainbow flag is as good a flag to wave as any right now.

I first met Rory in 2011 during the presidential elections and have seen his numerous LGBTposts in the lead up to the Marriage Equality Referendum in 2015 and was delighted to see a familiar face moving to Madrid and fighting for equality.

Whatever colour your skin or flag is, now is the time for us to unite.

COLOURFUL: His actual Facebook post in full on 17th of May 2020.

ON THE MOVE: Rory on the campaign bus travelling around Ireland in 2011.

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