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Lockdown Voices Number 33 AA

Hi, my name is Morgan and I want to talk about alcohol,

let’s forget my surname for a minute and dive straight into the jungle juice here.

I have bought numerous bottles of wine, cava, and beer while on Lockdown and I don’t see anything wrong with that but alcohol is no less addictive in isolation, no less destructive in quarantine and no less problematic for people who already have enough on their plates without having to worry about addictive substances.

Two weeks ago, I asked a question on a Facebook forum that attracted some justifiable criticism, some helpful commentary, and some name-calling.

My surname can attract some obvious name-calling but this commentary involved posting an insult, deleting it, denying it and then posting something else, and I had to call the person out for their childish commentary.

The commentary briefly moved to Facebook messenger where the person wrote,

“I will destroy your life mate.”

A day later the messenger commentary changed to an apology for his behaviour and language and here is the thing, we are all dealing with Coronavirus in different ways and my new mate was on his own in a strange land and enjoying some cheap vino.

While he might have suggested that he would destroy my life, alcohol is equipped to ruin all our lives if we don’t watch ourselves.

My advice, which he disagrees with, is to drink Cava or something more expensive like a good wine.

My Facebook buddy isn’t a Cava fan but spirits and cheap wine are dangerous when drinking on your own. I couldn’t give him any reason why not to drink unless he was driving, breastfeeding or operating heavy machinery and this is my concern, how many people are worried about the future and drinking on their own?

How many people are struggling but being ignored as we embrace a toxic online culture and a global pandemic outside?

Stay safe, seek help from friends and family and remember, you’re going to be alright.


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