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Lockdown Voices Number 31 COOLEY


There is no masking our frustration at the waste being generated by Coronavirus and while it is necessary to use disposable gloves, disposable masks and lots and lots of soap and water what isn't necessary is the waste going to waste.

Put it on but put it in the bin when you are finished with it.

I know these things are light and can blow away in the wind but when you see so many of them dumped on the ground, it is clear that we have a problem with responsibility and it is jeopardising our environment and ability to combat a global pandemic.

Right on target, my friend Paul Cooley posted this meme showing the harmful effect of people dumping masks we need to dispose of, even more so, because they could have Coronavirus on them.

At the start of March, I posted a blog suggesting scarfs on public transport because I knew there were fears of a shortage of masks and PPE, especially for healthcare workers.

Cover your face, get creative but drop that scarf in the laundry and not on the floor and put that mask on and dispose of it afterward, in the bin.

I know I sound preachy but it really is that simple you small-minded child.

Here is Paul's post:

UNDER SIEGE: We are at war with an enemy that has us surrounded and we all need to join the green team and put on our protective equipment and fight this fucker.

Serving in the army, I am sure my friend has seen many dangerous situations where cool heads are needed and I believe his brother served in the Congo and survived against insurmountable odds and you will hear Cooley's name being called out a few times in the epic Netflix film Siege of Jadotville.

Keep your head down, put on your mask when Coronavirus attacks and keep it green, please.

FORTY SHADES OF GREEN: Actor Jamie Dornan takes cover in The Siege of Jadotville.

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