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Lockdown Voices Number 30 ZAK

Lockdown Voices #28 Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures crew.

More of a funny observation that a real Lockdown Voice but when I suggested to my girlfriend that we watch some Ghost Adventures at the weekend, we ended up watching the start of the first season again and despite the main host frequently wearing a breathing respirator while on ghost hunts, I was surprised to see him wearing one in the second episode.

The reason given was that there was asbestos and while the guys frequently wear masks, respirators, and on one occasion Venetian masks. They are famous for their lockdowns.

Since 2008 these paranormal investigators have been going into some creepy places, scary environments and telling terrifying tales.

The series makes for great entertainment and one of my favourite locations and the only one I have been to myself, is Loftus Hall, on the Hook Peninsula in Co Wexford.

They have had many great Ghost Adventures and another favourite of mine has been when they visited the RMS Queen Mary. They have had many great tv moments even if sometimes they overreact to sounds and situations and fans will be familiar with masks and gloves and sending Aaron Goodwin in on his own when there is a particularly horrible place to send someone.

Gloves, masks and lockdowns, these guys were well ahead of the curve while chasing things from the past. Check out Ghost Adventures for yourself and see if Zak Bagans and his crew haven't been preparing for Coronavirus since 2008.

X-RAY EYES: Ghost gloves and respirator check and a nigh vision camera.

FASHION SENSE: Mask and gloves on in a normal hallway.

Visiting Venice, the Ghost Adventures crew visited an island which was a plague hospital.

Poor Aaron seen here wearing a mask himself.

HORROR MOVIE: Worth checking out Demon House which Zak Bagans bought & later levelled.

TED TALKS: Zak Bagans has bought many evil items for his museum.

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