• Morgan Fagg

Lockdown Voices Number 28 BANKSY

It is hard to imagine the world we live in where a graffiti artist does more for the NHS than a Prime Minister elected on promises to give them 350 million a week if England left Europe.

Banksy, the controversial and clever street artist has given us thought-provoking artwork for years but for me, one of his most famous images is of the Flowerthrower where a masked youth looks like they are about to hurl flowers in a violent fashion.

As can be seen from my picture above, I met a real-life Banksy portrait in a landscape of fascists.

The anti-fascist was throwing bottles towards the fascists I was photographing in the centre of Madrid and the glass bottles were breaking closer to me than to them.

Banksy has given us art on many many controversial topics from including war and immigration but his latest piece offers some peace for the immigrant nurses battling a virus where the Prime Minister has only taken up space and offered little in return except "Herd Immunity."

Well done nurses, well done doctors and well done Banksy for capturing the mood of the people.

THANKS A MILLION: The artwork will remain on display at the Southhampton General Hospital for now and later be auctioned off and I am guessing this Banksy drawing will fetch over a million

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