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Lockdown Voices Number 26 FLOTUS

Updated: May 17, 2020

Melania Trump celebrated her 50th birthday as the United States lost over 50,000 Americans.

The First Lady is known as F.L.O.T.U.S. but as the Slovenian is Donald Trump's second Russian bride and third wife, I am not sure that she should be called First Lady.

Not exactly Ladylike, the nude model hasn't been known to show her human side and has paraded around children's Concentration Camps while wearing a jacket that says,


I do care and it is not my place to question if someone is a lady or not but I do know that Melania Trump is not OF THE UNITED STATES.

You could question if America is still UNITED judging by the Pandemic protests but messages from The FIRST LADY OF THE once UNITED STATES seem tone-deaf to me.

At the start of the outbreak of Coronavirus in America, F.L.O.T.U.S. tweeted how happy she was with the progress of a "Tennis Pavillion" at the White House and while the health of America is important, the health of her husband is quite questionable.

Rolemodel: Like a Barbie Dreamhouse with a Playboy Grotto, the plans of the Pavillion could have waited until after the pandemic had passed.

The first lady should be a role model and not just a model playing a role.

REMEMBER APRIL 26th? I posted this image on Twitter knowing that some Republicans would post this flattering image of the First Lady despite the fact that I have pointed out her birthday is also the anniversary of Cherenbyl and Guernica. April 26th isn't celebrated in Ukraine, Spain or Slovenia.

Poles apart, the Democratic darling A.O.C. has been viciously attacked for protesting Human Rights at Concentration Camps in America and one of the things Republicans have pointed out, is that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore an expensive watch to protest the children's concentration camps.

FLOTUS, on the other hand, is seen eating jewelry and wearing clothes that say "I Don't care."

Do You?

She may be the most bullied person "On the Earth" and giving her cruelty and lack of empathy, I think this blog is appropriate to question her voice within the White House even if it might be construed as bullying her, but in her own words which she wore rather than said, "I don't care, do you?"

#BeBest: Let's look at an example of being best by Tom Hanks who recovered from Coronavirus by offering his blood plasma and reaching out to a boy called Corona, who was being bullied.


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