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Lockdown Voices Number 25 BIKES

I spotted this post on Facebook and thought it was worth reminding people that bikes offer so much in terms of exercise and fitness as well as transport that doesn't harm the environment.

One thing we mightn't have thought about before, is that bikes are also great for Social Distancing.

Please keep your distance from cyclists and remember that bikes offer the best way to get around and electric bikes could remove some of those tough uphill stretches that Madrid is famous for.

This short post on Facebook by Rafael Hauser attracted some criticim as others weren't aware that the government will allow you to cycle much further than the 1km restriction for pedestrians.

Suddenly Madrid is a BICYCLES PARADISE...i had never seen something like this in Madrid...First day i rode bicycle all around calle Alcalá , Gran Via, ...33 km around the city. it was an incredible experience...an almost silent city with no cars ..of course we have to do it alone, respecting distance with other people ,etc but it is something incredible for those who love bicycles

PEDDLE POWER: This picture was taken during a bike protest against the removal of Madrid Central.

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