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Lockdown Voices Number 22 HAIR

Updated: May 2, 2020

I saw this meme posted by Robert Sherlock today and I think it perfectly sums up the situation.

In America, Donald Trump is encouraging some sort of armed rebellion over people's constitutional right to get a haircut without grasping the fact that it is his government he is revolting against.

The buck no longer stops at the resolute desk even if the senile tweets originate from there.

Robbie was my barber when I lived in Dublin and I am sure he could help many of these troubled people looking for a bit off the back and sides.


Probably more of a one-sided argument, I am suspicious that these people are protesting for haircuts and returning to jobs rather than their Second Amendment Rights.

I wonder if some of these protesters even have jobs never mind conditioner?

Anyone living paycheck to paycheck will quickly need to return to work but their request is not for them to be able to return to work but for other people to return to work to fix their messy hair.

I'm not sure what is happening in America at the moment but I think I will take the advice of Robbie Sherlock any day over a man clutching a gun. What they want is not a barber but barbaric.

If there is anything I have learnt about hair care over the years, it is that "I am worth it."

So are you, stay safe and consider consulting with a doctor before making any hair appointments.

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