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Lockdown Voices Number 2

Poet JP Burke from Coosan in my hometown of Athlone posted this fun poetic piece of poetry that I couldn't help but ask to include in this Lockdown Voices series as it captures the lighter side of coping with the Coronavirus situation.

Friends and family were taken aback by Dan Littaur's frank experience of being hospitalised here in Spain and friends and family are wishing him a speedy recovery and sympathy for those people such as Manuel mentioned in the article who will not survive this pandemic.

JP Burke has taken inspiration from his Henry the Hoover and here in Spain where Lockdown has been in effect for almost a month, I am sure everyone will be reaching for their Enrique the Hoover very very soon. Stay safe everyone even if you are going "Stir Crazy."


A little lighter note on cocooning

I think I'm going a bit crazy - locked up in my cocoon

At night I go into the garden - and howl up at the moon

I don't have a dog of any kind - with which to play and talk

So I take out the Henry hoover - and take it for a walk

Five laps of the sitting room - five more around the hall

And sometimes if I'm really stressed - we climb up the wall

It follows me obediently - and I don't need a plastic bag

Because it leaves no poo behind - from a tail that doesn't wag

I'm shouting at the radio - and I really vent my spleen

Every time I hear those bloody words - Covid Nineteen

I've had Maura and Daithi - up to my feckin' ears

And listening to Liveline - just reduces me to tears

'Now wash your hands' J D says - each time he takes a break

I don't know if my poor hands - much more washing can take

They've been sanitised so often - they're nearly in ruins

Hanging now from my wrists - like two wrinkled prunes

I'm drinking gin and whiskey - and even found some Ouzo

I think I'm turning into - that guy called Robinson Crusoe

But all in all it could be worse - I could be a lot less bonnie

I could be wandering around with an axe - and shouting 'HERE'S JOHNNY!

HERE'S JOHNNY: Stay safe at home everyone and remember to write down some of your crazy thoughts during these difficult times and feel free to share them here if you wish.

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