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Be The Arrow, Not the Target

I first heard the incredibly inspirational saying "Be the Arrow” during the Irish presidential elections.

It is such a wonderful, encouraging saying which was fantastic to hear almost a decade ago as Ireland was slowly recovering from the 2008 Financial Crisis.

Presidential candidate Michael D Higgins used the quote on more than one occasion and at first, I believed it was his own quote but it actually comes from the Welsh writer Raymond Williams.

Williams was a novelist, academic, and critic and I think we should let his inspirational quote hit our hearts and infect us all.

We are hit time and time again and Coronavirus is knocking people for six as companies and families probably have little financial reserves following the last recession and global downturn.

Maybe rents and taxes have gone up but I don't believe salaries have increased at the same rate. It is too easy to be targeted and I love the idea of being the arrow instead.

Following on from the aftermath of Coronavirus, we will each have to be our own arrow.

Living paycheque to paycheque is not enough and we need to encourage each other to get active, pursue our dreams, start new businesses and like the arrow, we have to set our aim high and let our dreams take flight.

A president might become an easy target for many critics but maybe we can all put our hands together and applaud our head of state for encouraging us to be the arrow.

Maybe we can wish him a happy birthday instead as we wash our hands today.

Happy birthday President Higgins. (Article first posted on April 18th)

Be the Arrow that lands on people's doorsteps.

Well done to Grace Tallon and Joe O'Connor who have started a website called thedoorstepmarket.ie that lets businesses sell their goods online for the very first time.

Started by a group of volunteers, the aim is to target businesses that haven't traditionally sold goods online but need to reach their customers like never before.

I believe over 200 businesses have signed up to thedoorstepmarket.ie and I remember Joe O'Connor's father Bobby as a family friend bringing fish to our doorstep.

Best of luck, I wish you every success. Be the Arrow.

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