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Lockdown Voices Number 13

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Life is what happens when you are making plans and after trying to look at my taxes today, I was seriously getting annoyed wondering if teaching English and blogging is a worthwhile endeavour in today’s current environment.

A friend had messaged me earlier in the day asking how the weather was in Spain before he headed out to the garden to do some chores but called me later on saying that he was lucky to be alive.

Death and Taxes

As I heard the pinging ringing out in the hospital ward and the sound of what might have been a ventilator, I started to turn white as my friend described his day of garden chores.

My friend must be a cat but he is quickly going through his 9 lives after having an accident today that would make Itchy and Scratchy blush.

My amigo was cutting down trees when a branch sprung back and pulled his chainsaw back against his leg and quicker than you can say 112, my friend was rushed to hospital after a delay trying to get through to doctors on the phone.

An ambulance arrived and saw that he had applied pressure to the wound using a nearby First-Aid kit and the ambulance was so quick on the scene that an emergency response car was called off the scene, as was an air ambulance hovering above Athlone.

Quicker than you can say, “Get to the chopper,” my friend was lucky not to have chopped his leg off and it goes to show the dedication of EMTs and the need for choppers and ambulance crews and helplines.

Stay safe, learn some First Aid and CPR and pack your First Aid kit with plenty of bandages.

Quick thinking, keeping calm and a quick response is what is and was needed with Covid-19 but don’t think we are out of the woods yet, just because the Taoiseach is wearing scrubs.

My friend could very easily have cut an artery and bleed out but in epic Monty Python style, he has brushed off the severe gash in his leg by texting, “Tis but a Scratch.”

We love you man, you are like a cat surviving everything that would kill mere mortals and I have seen you survive bike crashes, car crashes, quad accidents, a speedboat crash, motorbike falls and now a chainsaw massacre after 2 weeks isolation waiting for a bloody Covid-19 test.

The only thing for certain in life is death and bloody taxes but take care when cutting down branches in the backyard unless you are trying to discover your own superpower.

If Samuel L Jackson is still looking for a comic book hero that survives the impossible, I think I have found just such a legend or should I say “Leg end.”

Get well soon and remember:

Stay Safe WHEN Staying at Home

UNBREAKABLE: What would happen if Elijah Price and David Dunn were the same person?

STAY SAFE EVERYONE: Its not nuclear physics we're talking about. Just watch the Simpsons.

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