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Lockdown Voices Number 12 WHO

Updated: May 1, 2020

It's a strange strange world we are living in and while these words don't actually come from Peter Capaldi, the actor who has played both Doctor Who and a W.H.O. doctor in World War Z, but it's a meme world we are living in and I love how this meme finds a silver lining in 2020.

Lockdown Voice Number 12 is the 12th doctor's voice as a meme.

Coronavirus will be good in some ways but I believe we need to make it work. If the environment heels then we don't need a time machine to see that we can continue to reduce air pollution and switch to more environmentally friendly ways. If people can work from home then maybe they can do it next year during Cold&Flu season too. We all must find silver linings in this horrible moment in history.

We can learn from this moment but many of us will want to quickly forget it.

I think we need a Doctor Who episode where the good doctor travels back 100 years and looks at the effects of the last global pandemic that infected millions.

While I was very familiar with the Spanish Flu, like any good history student, I was never aware of the second wave killing more people than the original wave and I had never seen the sheer mountain of black & white photographs of people wearing masks in the street between 1918 and 2020, until the last few months.

These photos obviously existed and should have been shown 5 years ago when we were afraid of an outbreak of ebola and 25 years ago as a teaser campaign for the film Outbreak.

Please, please, please, We cannot afford to keep forgetting important parts of history.

George Santayana said that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it but I say:

Those W.H.O. cannot remember the past, could always just Google it.

BUZZFEED: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/gabrielsanchez/deadly-pandemic-world-influenza-world-war-wwi-flu

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