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Lockdown Voices LIZ

Switching the typewriter for Social Media, Mrs Fletcher offers some sound lifesaving advice

This Lockdown Voice comes from my former neighbour Liz Fletcher who sounds a little like a pre-murder Jessica Fletcher warning the town of an impending book she was going to write about a series of obvious yet avoidable deaths in the town of Cabot Cove.

My only advice for 2021 is


25 in ICU on Christmas day.....69 this morning. Get it together folks..... opinions don't matter any more.

Conspiracy theories are hearsay...

Look after yourselves, wait your turn for the vaccine. If you don't want the vaccine and have no intention of getting it....fine but stay away from me and mine until we're all vaccinated.

Now it's time to start taking some of the decorations down. On second thoughts it's meant to be bad luck to take the tree down before the 6th January. Better leave it another few days, enough bad luck floating around.

Keep the pecker up ..... we'll get there.

May the force be with you

JESSICA TYPING ONLINE: Just go online if you can and enjoy a little virtual reality for a while.

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