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Leadershi* a Titanic Success

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Google the word "Shipwreck" and you are bound to find an image of the SS America on Wikipedia.org which was shipwrecked at Fuerteventura in 1994.

The ship had many names over the years, starting out as the SS America but was shipwrecked at Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands as the American Star. The enormous wreck disintegrated over the decades and has all but disappeared with a small section remaining at low tide.

Just like the SS America, Trump's SS approach is constantly being battered by choppy seas.

His leadership of Coronavirus has been so bad that I am surprised that America hasn't hit an iceberg.

First, he was denying a cruise ship entry to America because he didn't want bad numbers but now he seems content that America is number one with Covid cases and has even started advertising on Worldometers for some bizarre reason.

Apart from using two incredible hospital ships, this piece of shi* fired a captain who sounded the alarm about Covid-19 onboard an aircraft carrier. Apparently the captain wasn't fired as retaliation but because of the way he handled the situation and he should have known better than to allow the situation to become known by the media or so his commanding officer argued before he had to resign over his comments which were immediately leaked to the press.

Loose lips sink ships and Donald "Pee Soup" Trump doesn't mind what "Losers and suckers" go down with this shi* as long as he gets the ratings for it and the last lifejacket.

Some of his followers have lost their way as well as their boats and if I was "Sleepy" Joe Biden then I would start selling hats that say S.O.S. on them instead of just talking about saving America's soul.

America is on the rocks right now but thanks to leaders like Trump, we won't have to worry about icebergs for much longer as his SS America heads full speed ahead regardless of all the warning signs.

In the words of Boris Johnson, "It's going to be a Titanic success."

TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS: This picture looks photoshopped but it is a GREAT analogy.

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